Where do I put my solid waste?

Bagged household trash may be placed in one of the Village dumpsters located at the Recycle Center at 27 Halo Pines Terrace or brought to the Angel Fire Solid Waste Collection Center at 55 Camino Grande in Angel Fire

.Bagging trash and using trash bags is a very important step in keeping our town clean and litter free. Loose trash is very hard to keep contained during dumping and transportation. All it takes is a slightly breezy day to turn the hopper of a garbage truck into something resembling a wind tunnel and loose trash often ends up outside the truck and on the roads and highways around town. I floose trash blows away while we're dumping it into the truck or while driving to the next location we have to chase it down because littering is illegal. Please help keep our town clean. 

Solid Waste may only be transported to the Collection Center inside a completely covered vehicle or under a tarped open trailer or pickup bed, so as to prevent littering onto the public roadways from the top, bottom or sides of a load. Repeat offenders will not be allowed to unload. In the case of no-charge clean slash loads, the no-charge disposal privilege will be forfeited and the loads will be charged $6 per cubic yard. Judgment of the Collection Center staff attendant is final as to whether the load is properly tarped.

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1. Where do I put my solid waste?
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