Economic Development

Village of Angel Fire logoLive, Work & Play in Angel Fire

The Village of Angel Fire, New Mexico offers the perfect balance to live, work and play. With four seasons of outdoor recreation, Angel Fire offers the budding entrepreneurial person a chance to explore opportunities they may wish to develop. Tourism is the largest industry in the area and the largest contributor to the Angel Fire economy. The industry is supported by the area’s scenic beauty, recreational opportunities and attractions, and a range of lodging, shopping, and dining options.

Expanding Technology

With technology expanding, Angel Fire is a great place to begin a home-based business that will allow you the opportunity to expand your business and at the same time spend more quality time with your family in a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Attracting Workforce

For the larger business wishing to locate in Angel Fire, every year more and more people are searching for a place to call home that has a healthier lifestyle than the larger cities currently offer. Angel Fire is attracting this workforce, however, more and more, these people are not finding jobs that they have been trained for in the past and must settle for jobs that often do not challenge their abilities. New businesses in Angel Fire have been able to tap into this workforce market and find folks who enjoy a new challenge and will join your company as innovative and excited employees ready to go to work for you.

Come live, work and play in Angel Fire.